When we talk about the international business models, what could be the reason for consistent growth and performance? While there are many factors that contribute to global success, translation is one factor that is a must, which most organizations tend to ignore and stunt their growth. Translation services play a vital role in deciding the overseas calibre of any business. In a global business model, lack of translation services at the core creates a void in the form of revenue killer for your company. In general, translation service is not just any other item in your business strategy to cross off so easily. Success always demand a comprehensive strategy, even if you are making your business global for the very first time. Going global includes many of the major markets in Europe and Latin America that are dominated by the Portuguese language. Reaching them is made easy with the assistance of Portuguese Translation Service.


5 ways in which inculcating Portuguese translation service might help you:

  1. Extended reach to the masses: The Portuguese translation service will help you to reach the masses. With approximately 215 to 220 million native speakers and 260 million total speakers, Portuguese is usually listed as the sixth most natively spoken language in the world. Integrating a translation service into your business strategy will boost up the overseas growth. It is a revolutionary step when it comes to establishing trust with your foreign clients. Your customer expects a quality service, Portuguese translation service can provide it.
  2. The need of localized content: It is an obvious fact that for any digital marketing plan, content is the prime key. But if you’re marketing outside your primary language then the scenario changes, it is no longer a simple task of running the lines through any translator application. Portuguese consumers might have different ideas about what makes anything creative. Any random translator won’t solve the problem. The context specific localized content will help you attract the targeted audience in the Portuguese market.
  3. High-quality strategy: In addition to developing localized content, the Portuguese translation service might also benefit you by developing an eminent tactic as well. This process involves choosing what content is required to be of the highest quality and what can be of elementary quality. In this way, one can meet the expectations of the targeted audience. You may end up with cost savings at first by settling for elementary quality, never forget what your audience or buyers expect. Always remember, taking a loose step for calculating user’s quality expectation can have an adverse effect on your business. It doesn’t matter whether you’re running an e-commerce business or some law firm, providing high-quality information to the client in his primary linguistic preference is the top way to execute.
  4. Track and record timely progress: It is said that the success is zero without accountability, we can say integrating the Portuguese translation service in your strategy is only the commencement. You can always try to track and study the user’s online habits by metrics such as the type of content explored across the videos, products, services and, of course, the landing pages. Portuguese translational services will directly manage the legal translation, marketing translation, technical translation, certified translation and more. The increment of the potential customer base is directly linked to the translation services.
  5. Client satisfaction: Using the Portuguese translation services can result in more number of satisfied clients in one or more countries. Accurate and reliable communication is key to client-side satisfaction, which also forms a crucial part of customer service. The capacity to serve different industries doesn’t get hampered by distinct linguistics. High-quality tools and methodologies embedded with the native linguist can help in achieving productivity, quantity and it also affects the client’s satisfaction. According to a report, client satisfaction holds 95% stake in determining the client’s loyalty to your services.


Mayflower provides the following Portuguese – English Translation Services:

  1. Portuguese to English Translation
  2. Portuguese to English Localization
  3. Portuguese to English Voice-over
  4. English to Portuguese Translation
  5. English to Portuguese Localization
  6. English to Portuguese Voice-over
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