Transcription, defined in simple terms, is the conversion or transferring of spoken words into written words and in any language that a business or a brand may want. In the current business scenario, almost every service is being outsourced, for instance, web development, graphic designing, advertising, customer care and legal consulting etc. for the betterment of the business and to avoid hiring more employees or professionals and thus, reducing the added costs. Therefore, outsourcing the transcription service has become the most viable option for any business or brand looking forward to the field work.

When the technology wasn’t developed as compared to today’s fast-changing and dynamic world, companies were restricted to hire individuals or professionals to perform such tasks. But today, with the rise of transcription services providers in India, things have changed. Now, these businesses have understood the prospects of hiring an external party to do the given work. Also, the inculcation of telecommunications infrastructure and its development in the business field, the outsourced transcription companies have flourished manifolds.

Take a look at the benefits that a business may get if transcription services are outsourced:

  • Optimising Costs: An immense amount of expenses are reduced for any business outsourcing transcription services. These expenses may look like miniscule in the beginning but are in real, huge expenses that flow in training, buying resources and technology that may be required to produce good quality output. Outsourcing transcription services to a 3rd party can help minimise the overhead costs.
  • Enhances productivity: The employees will be more efficient in working on the core business tasks rather than shifting their productivity in transcription work. Since outsourced transcription companies are focused on only one kind of work, a lot of productivity emerges in the output; the work is of high quality, and the efficiency is at par with industry standards.
  • Updated with technology: The transcription services providers are adept in what they do and keep themselves updated with the recent development in technology and techniques to provide high-quality work
  • Transcription in any language: It is essential to ensure that the transcription companies hired can provide the service in any language. As a business, one cannot keep shifting the agency every time a new language requirement pops up.

With the abovementioned benefits, it is advisable for a business to invest in outsourcing the transcription services for its overall success. Before choosing a transcription company, look out for the factors that can influence your choices.

Find the total experience of the company that is involved in the transcription services – the more the experience, the better the quality of work.

  • Check testimonials to see what kind of clients the company has had in the past.
  • Check if transcription is offered for multiple formats like podcasts, films, videos, webinars, interviews, conferences and legal proceedings etc.
  • Find out the turnaround time the company takes to deliver the work. Usually, the companies highlight their work as their USP but ensure that the quality is not compromised.
  • Many companies provide 24×7 customer care services and can give a free trial as well to the hired businesses to showcase their work. This may give an overall idea of the quality of work that they deliver.

Nevertheless, outsourcing transcription services can save you a lot on time, effort and money. Remember the points mentioned above before you onboard a transcription company.

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