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Technological advancements in the 21st century has made learning much more efficient, easily available and organized. Concurrently, technical progress has led to a situation where educational content must meet much higher standards, and it should be engaging and interesting for the receiver. According to the data published by eLearning Industry, a boost in productivity of 50% is demonstrable in workers taking advantage of eLearning. While businesses save between 50% to 70% in costs when utilizing eLearning, where training and instructors are concerned. Research also proves that people tend to learn things quickly when the medium is their native language and, hence, eLearning localization comes into the picture.

Apart from eLearning content translation, it is highly important to consider localization of visuals, graphics and include a relevant voiceover. Summa Linguae Technologies specializes in eLearning translation and localization services, which includes LMS localization, localization of online scripts and graphic elements, text files, and storyboards.

We also provide course integration services, as our multimedia expertise enables us to integrate localized courses with voiceovers and subtitles and also review them. Another key aspect of eLearning localization includes Linguistic Quality Assurance (LQA) testing.

Linguistic Quality Assurance (LQA) testing is pivotal for eLearning localization, as it is essential to review every language version individually. This is to ensure that the graphics and user interface are culturally appropriate, the translation accurately depicts key messages, and to verify that no bugs were introduced during localization.

Success Story

Summa Linguae Technologies localized a 120+ module eLearning course for the world’s leading pizza delivery chain. These training modules helped the efficiency of customer service and increased employee growth and work efficiency across five countries.

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