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Professional Interpretation

Companies, especially multinationals, deal with language barriers during business meetings, and when sending a communication among companies or individuals. In such cases, the right interpretation services play a key role in smooth, efficient and accurate communication.

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Localization Project

Localization as a process aids in making varying types of content from companies appropriate for a specific locale. Due to various confidentiality clauses involved, businesses often require an in-house localization project management team.

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Technical Linguists
& Language Experts

Language and industry knowledge are equally essential when it comes to dealing with multilingual businesses. When looking for translation, localization, interpretation or requirements for other linguistic services, Summa Linguae Technologies’ multilingual staffing services supports you in hiring technical linguists and other language experts on contract basis.

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Localization Testers

Localization testing is a process to ensure localized content truly complies with the cultural and linguistic contexts of the targeted market. Businesses localizing their products require the right localization testers analyzing content for accuracy and effectiveness in time to ensure the localization efforts are not lost.

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Language Trainers

Are your employees dealing with multilingual clients, employees, projects, and vendors? Sometimes different levels of language proficiency is a must for employees in a global environment for effective communication, and in certain cases to boost productivity.

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