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Videos have become the fastest and most effective means of communicating with users today. Cisco estimates that by 2020, nearly a million minutes of video content will cross the Internet every second! Videos as a means of advertisement or learning is not an option, but a necessity. 81% of businesses use video as a marketing tool as per Hubspot. To take your message global, you need the right localization strategy in place. Professional translation agency plays a key role in ensuring that localization, either through subtitles or dubbing/voiceovers, is done professionally and your entire investment in creating your content is profitable.

Be it your eLearning courses, television series, commercials, explainer videos or product demos, Summa Linguae Technologies specializes in video localization services in India as well as globally. Our top-notch language and video quality with an extensive network of resources and efficient project management team ensures the complete delivery of all aspects of video production such as right voiceover services, subtitling services, and integration processes.

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Our multimedia services aided a global consulting and technology leader in promoting their product across China.

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