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A monumental increase in the use of the internet by everyone across ages, has made the world wide web a global marketplace. Your website, hence, becomes the pedestal you want to display your product(s) to the world, and should not be lost in translation.

Website localization helps your website adapt to user’s cultures and preferences while making it more accessible and unambiguous. Research also shows that website localization to Spanish, German, French and Italian, increases your product sale by up to 400%. Summa Linguae Technologies’ portfolio of website localization services includes end-to-end support ranging from consultation services with respect to target markets, aspects to consider while writing source content, best practices for localization, cultural-specific localization into multiple languages and testing of localized websites. For over a decade, Summa Linguae Technologies India has been providing clients with an end-to-end website localization service in India, Asia, Europe, Latin America and more. Don’t fade in the world wide web; let us help you with your website localization needs.

Success Story

One of the leading international digital and print companies saved 20% translation-related costs as they localized their web-to-print platform with our quick and efficient localization support within 20 days. The platform was localized for consumers across more than 7 countries, and it soon became one of the award-winning web-to-print platforms.

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