E-Learning is growing every day and will continue to expand its horizons in the years to come. Companies, both large and small are using this strategy combined with technology to achieve productivity. In recent times, E-Learning Translation for the use of online training programs is coming handy. In this process, the content is translated to other languages for the target audience to relate to it, graphics are customized and instructions are converted to comply with the legal regulations of country-specific entities. This process enables the efficient absorption of content, wider reach, and provides a relevant cultural experience to all learners. However, the translation process is complex and lengthy due to which the professional translation company takes centre stage which translates your e-learning content keeping all the aspects in mind.

Finding an ideal company amidst language translation services providers can be tough. Also, locally translating the e-learning modules can be a lengthy task. So, to avoid any pitfalls, hire a translation company that will be effective in its work for you. The following are the steps to take before you undertake E-learning translation,

  • Ensure that the e-learning translation service is equipped with a compatible tool that makes the translation easier. For instance, language such as Arabic reads from right to left and so; the flipped interface will be required for proper translation.
  • Update the tool on time to utilize its effect on interactive media such as audio, visuals, video or animation. Some files are more laborious than others such as Flash animation which can be translated using HTML5 as a better choice.
  • When the content is written, keep in mind the global audience in a way that it is reflected in the usage of language, tone and conveying the concepts. Write the words in the most culturally-neutral tone and can be expanded while designing graphics, choosing photos and designing templates. Some aspects that are acceptable to one culture may be offensive to other. Hence, proper research regarding the culture pitfalls before translation will be healthy.
  • While dealing with the structure of the material, it is suggested to segment out the content that is likely to be changed when translated to other languages. Contracts, legal information, regulations, rules etc. need a regular update and so, the content can be stored in a different file to be edited down quickly as and when required.
  • Multiple language translation services provider use advanced tools to check fonts, text spacing and the design which comes handy when translating content as changes in these structures may confuse later.
  • With regards to audio files or graphical videos, it is advisable to leave enough space for subtitles when translating to avoid overlaps. One of the most costly components of language translation processes is audio synchronization and cue-point calculations and so, breaking the source of the audio into smaller files will be effective.
  • While hiring a translation company, the goal should be to build a long-term association that works for both of you to be able to add value to the e-learning content material. Select a vendor whose core business is to provide language translation services for all your e-learning modules, content and material.

Besides considering the years of experience of the hiring company, you should see that the translation company is certified, and has adequate industry expertise with specific specializations. Do not settle for translation vendor that do not provide samples of work, gives content within the stipulated deadline or have a good idea of the case studies that function in the industries.

Lastly, to make the e-learning translation process more productive, the translation company should be using the latest technological tools and standards that saves time, reduces efforts and give excellent results. Have an effective means to communicate with the hired company so that each feedback and suggestion is quickly worked upon and work gets done in a timely fashion.

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